Featuring contributions by Jan Adkins, William H. Drury, and Nelson H. Lawry, poetry by Wilbert Snow, and photography by Jeff Dworsky.


  • Log of the Fish Hawk by Philip Conkling
  • This Island Earth by Richard H. Podolsky
  • Man & Medric: Historical Biology of Gulls & Terns by William H. Drury
  • Island Park Place by Mike Brown
  • The Trail of Captain Kidd's Treasure by Franklin H. Head
  • Working Waterfronts by George Putz
  • Blazing a Waterway: Annals of the Maine Island Trail Association by David R. Getchell, Sr. 
  • Wave Music by Wilbert Snow
  • Snow on Snow: Recollections of Wilbert Snow by Nicholas Snow
  • Where you going now, Skip? by Jan Adkins
  • Damn Good Boat: A Boat for the Islands by George Putz
  • Jack of All Trades: The Crowells of Kimball Island by Nathaniel Barrows
  • Splicing the Lights: Interview with Joe Johansen
  • Little River Naturalist: Memoirs of Myron Corbett
  • Fields of Fire: Fort McKinley and the Defense of Great Diamond by Nelson H. Lawry
  • Ballast by Ernest W. Marshall
  • Just So Stories by Jane Day
  • Radio Waves: News from Offshore