Featuring contributions by John Foss, Christopher Glass, and Joe Upton, poetry by John C. Witte, and artwork by Marsden Hartley.


  • Log of the Fish Hawk by Philip Conkling
  • Island Trail by David R. Getchell, Sr. 
  • The Quinns of Eagle Island by Todd Cheney
  • The Guns of Casco by Dr. Joel W. Eastman
  • Less is More: Swan's Island Lobster Trap Limit by Cynthia Bourgeault
  • Blue Bottoms: Mussell Farming by Joe Upton
  • The Crotch Island Quarry, Maine by John C. Witte
  • Walking Freight by John Foss
  • The Tragedy of Cygnus by Eugune L. Swan, Jr.
  • Monhegan Night Watch by Jeanne G. Rollins
  • Endangered Trees: Legacy of Island Apples by George Putz
  • Henry Bigelow by Jennifer Logan
  • The Razor's Edge by Dr. Richard H. Podolsky
  • Them and Us by Mike Brown
  • Emily Muir Interview
  • Towers of Lights by Christopher Glass
  • Radio Waves: News from Offshore