Featuring contributions from Larch Hanson, Amy Payson, and Clayton Gross. poetry by Wilbert Snow, and artwork by Eric Hopkins.


  • Seeing Woods for the Trees: Island Foresty by Philip Conkling
  • The Places We Walk: Ecological Ambles on Maine Islands by George Putz
  • Roque: An Island in Time by David R. Getchell, Sr. 
  • Beautiful Benefactors: Sardine Carriers of the Maine Coast by Mike Brown
  • Fire in the Fog: The Burning of Seal Island by Joe Upton
  • Bad Day at the Gut: Oxygen, Pogies, and the National Debt by Ed Myers
  • Kelp is on the Way: Sea Vegetables of the Surf Zone by Larch Hanson
  • Island Night Birds: Notes on Leach's Storm-Petrels by Richard Harris Podolsky
  • Quiet Coves: Cruising Among the Islands by Roger Duncan
  • Deer Isle Defenders by Clayton Gross
  • The Islanders and Matinicus by Philip Booth
  • The Legacy of Cyrus Rackliff by Amy Payson
  • Cyrus by Wilbert Snow
  • Three Lights Lived: Profile of Beulah Quinn by Alicia Rouverol
  • Ghostly Light: The Abandonment of Seguin Light by Jennifer Wilder Logan
  • Threatened Lights by Philip Conkling
  • Radio Waves: News from Offshore