We support fishermen, artists, makers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in Maine’s coastal and island communities. 

By providing business and financial planning services, professional development opportunities, industry and marketing connections, and loans and grants, the Island Institute helps  fishermen, artists, makers, and other entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business. We work closely with private, local, state, and federal business counseling resources to ensure that these entrepreneurs have access to an extensive network of industry experts, advisors, and mentors.

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Sponsored by the John T. Gorman Foundation.

Other Launchpad Services

The Island Institute connects fishermen, artists, makers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to resources that can help improve income stability, business efficiency, and economic productivity, and allow businesses to expand and reach new markets.

To inquire about any of our services, please contact Craig Olson or other staff contacts as listed below:

For more information on grants, loans, and equity support available for small businesses and infrastructure projects through the Tom Glenn Community Impact Fund, click here.