Label art for 15
July 31, 2015, 3:00 PM
Monhegan Brewing Company
Monhegan IslandMaine

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Release party for a new island-themed beer, brewed by Monhegan Brewing Company in collaboration with the Island Institute. The "summer blonde" brew is named 15, after the fifteen year-round island communities on the Maine coast. A portion of proceeds from beer sales will benefit the Island Institute's work on Monhegan and other island and remote coastal communities.

Monhegan Brewing Co. is owned and operated by Monhegan Island residents Matt and Mary Weber, a lobsterman and former island schoolteacher. They teamed up with Mary's father, Danny McGovern, to start making beer in 2013 with support from the Island Institute's Island and Coastal Innovation Fund for island entrepreneurs.


Monhegan Brewing Company's taproom on Monhegan Island is open daily from 11-6, and is accessible via the Monhegan Boat Line from Port Clyde or Hardy Boat Cruises from New Harbor.

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