Sam Richman of Sammy's Deluxe

Chef Sam Richman

Conversations with Maine's Island & Coastal Small Businesses

Episode 9: Sammy's Deluxe
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As global food systems break down due to the pandemic, we see that the restaurants thriving are the ones who were already advocating for and supporting local food systems. In this episode, we talk with Sam Richman, owner and chef of Sammy’s Deluxe in Rockland, Maine. 

Sammy’s Deluxe is known for its hyperlocal supply chain. The menu changes based on what is in season and what they can get from local farmers and fishermen. Because of that, Sam's supply chain hasn’t changed all that much. What has shifted, of course, is how his customers are getting his food. As many restaurants have done, he has shifted to the curbside takeout model and is just trying to figure out the best, and safest, way to run his restaurant in the months to come.

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