Dylan and Mandy Metrano own La Nef Chocolate on Monhegan Island.

Dyland and Mandy Metrano own La Nef Chocolate on Monhegan Island. (Photo: Kelli Park)

Conversations with Maine's Island & Coastal Small Businesses

Episode 7: La Nef Chocolate
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We've been having so many great conversations with local small business owners, and we're always trying to think of ways to share them whenever we can. In our first mini-episode, we have a short, 10-minute conversation with Mandy and Dylan Metrano of La Nef Chocolate on Monhegan Island.

Monhegan has a high influx of tourists on daytrips in the summer months. This allows for their seasonal businesses to thrive, despite a very small year-round and summer population. However, this also means that the current pandemic is putting these businesses in a vulnerable position for the upcoming summer.

But Mandy and Dylan are doing their best to pivot and make it work. They talk to us about the ways in which they're pivoting right now, the challenges of running an exclusively e-commerce business on a remote island, and the importance of cultivating a community with their customers.

Dylan and Mandy, along with other Island Institute partners, are also featured in the Maine magazine article, "Portraits on Monhegan," in the June 2020 issue—on newsstands now.

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