Brendan Parsons/Shuck Station

Brendan Parsons, owner of Black Stone Point Oysters LLC, stands in front of his restaurant, Shuck Station, in Damariscotta.


EPISODE 6: Black Stone Point Oysters LLC

As small business owners keep navigating the ever-changing landscape of how to safely do business in Maine, we continue to check in with them to hear how they are doing.

In this episode, Peter Piconi, marine business specialist at the Island Institute, chats with Brendan Parsons of Black Stone Point Oysters LLC. Brendan grew up in Damariscotta, the birthplace of Maine aquaculture, and first started farming oysters as a summer job in high school. He now owns his own oyster farm, restaurant, and market, and he is the reigning three-time State of Maine Oyster Shucking Champion.

As someone who runs a business that relies heavily on tourism, Brendan talks to us about the potential economic impacts during this uncertain time, and how important it is to build networks among fellow oyster growers right now.

This episode features Galen Koch of The First Coast.

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