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Why advertise in The Working Waterfront

The Working Waterfront is a nonprofit program of the Island Institute, and has been published for more than 20 years.

We have the third-largest distribution in the state, with an average of 55,000 readers per month along Maine's coast and islands. The Working Waterfront is circulated and read in Maine's most lively and affluent regions and is mailed to Island Institute members, donors and sponsors.

We offer one of the best advertising values:

  • Print ads priced lower than traditional newspapers
  • Frequency discounts offered to extend your budget
  • Basic ad creation at no extra cost
  • Upgrade to color advertising at a lower than average cost
  • On newsstands for a month, maximizing your marketing reach

For more information, contact: 
Dave Jackson, Advertising Sales: or (207) 542-5801

To submit ad materials:
Send ad materials to:

Print advertising

"On any given day, I sell my furniture to hardworking fishermen, and on the next, summer residents will buy the same piece––The Working Waterfront's readership is diverse. I know they both saw my ad in The Working Waterfront newspaper, because I ask everyone that comes into my store how they found us.”  – Jack Stone, Island Teak Company

Sizes and rates: 

Business Card H= 3.5”x2 V=2”x3.5” $75 --
Eighth Page 4.9"x3.5" $175 $210
Quarter Page H= 10”x3.5” V=4.9”x7.35” $342 $410
Half Page 10”x7.35” $662 $794
Full Page 10”x14.65” $1,131 $1,142
Back Full Page 10”x14.65” -- $1,428
Receive a 10% discount with a 6-month (or more) contract

2020 Ad Deadlines:​

  • February/March 2020 (double issue): Due January 6
  • April 2020: Due March 2
  • May 2020: Due April 6
  • June 2020: Due May 4 
  • July 2020: Due June 8
  • August 2020: Due July 6
  • September 2020: Due August 3
  • October 2020: Due September 7
  • November 2020: Due October 5
  • December 2020/January 2021 (double issue): Due November 9
View the 2020 Rate Sheet and Advertising Sizes here

Web and email advertising:

We send an "E-Weekly" email with news highlights every Wednesday to more than 6,000 subscribers. Cost to advertise with a horizontal banner is $60/week or $190/month. 

"The Working Waterfront’s E-Weekly Newsletter Sponsorship appears to be very well read, in that we received responses from all over New England. While most responses were immediate, I received inquiries weeks after it initially was sent out––a great advertising value!"  – Rob Hopkins, Squirrel Island Manager

Example of E-Weekly advertisement

Business Memberships

Business members support the Island Institute's programming and help strengthen island and coastal economies, enhance education and leadership opportunities, and partner with us to deliver and share solutions for sustainable communities. If you are a registered business, corporation, or a nonprofit organization, consider supporting our work through an Island Institute Business Membership.

Benefits include:

  • Event sponsorships
  • Subscriptions to The Working Waterfront and Island Journal 
  • Advertising discounts
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Questions about becoming a Business Member?

  • For general questions regarding business membership, contact our Membership department at or (207) 594-9209, ext. 132.
  • For questions regarding advertising discounts for business memberships, contact Dave Jackson at or (207) 542-5801.